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Our innovation translates into durability and resistance to more than 2000 different chemical fluids and temperatures up to 320° C


Perfluorelastomer rubber seals (FFKM), offer safety and high resistance to operations in harsh conditions with less maintenance.


We manufacture all types of rubber seals including perfluoroelastomer (FFKM).

We guarantee fast delivery.

About Us


Serall® is inspired by the phrase “Service All". In this context, we work to offer a full line of products using all types of elastomers for the manufacture of efficient seals with longer lifespan. We are pioneers in Brazil in the production of perfluoroelastomer seals(FFKM), developed in 2008. FFKM is a premium material that provides greater thermal and chemical resistance compared with all commercially available elastomers. This is due to the high binding energy between materials such as fluorine and carbon. The result is higher productivity for your industrial operations and less maintenance without sacrificing safety..

Serall® Products

From the careful choice of raw materials and own formulations, Serall® seals, are designed to guarantee the best results in durability, reliability and safety in different applications. Meeting all dimensions, according to customer demand. All this, in compliance with INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS.

Serall® Service

Tailored services to increase productivity.



Ring-shaped seals designed to close passages or prevent transfer of liquids or gases.

Available in FFKM, FKM, HNBR, MVQ and EPDM.

Available in international standard dimensions with tolerance according to ISO 3601-1.

Co-design for special projects (we prepare the polymeric base and the required dimension).



This components are resistant to rapid gas decompression and standardized by ISO 23936-2.

Available in FFKM, FKM and HNBR.

Available in international standard dimensions with tolerance according to ISO 3601-1.

Certified for CO2, CH4, N2 and H2S gases.

Quality and safety


Sharing Knowledge

We carry out training courses exemplifying and presenting the potential of each type of elastomer. Contact us and schedule a visit.


Certified Products

Our materials are approved in international regulations such as: FDA, ISO, NACE, ASTM and DIN.

Have certainty of safety in your company through international standards.


Smart Business Models

Occasional or recurring sales? We serve all customers.


In Serall®, we care about long-term partnerships. To that end, we support sustainable growth by offering personalized support for your business.

Our goal is to truly understand your needs to better serve them.

Life span

Durable and reliable, perfluorelastomer rubber seals (FFKM) are capable of withstanding even the most extreme chemical processing environments, requiring significantly shorter maintenance periods compared to parts of other materials available on the market.


Our seals have monitored lifespan and systems that allow tracking of the product throughout its manufacturing process. This ensures that you have greater security and efficiency in the sealing system you purchase.

Pioneers in Brazil

We are pioneers in the manufacture of FFKM parts in the American continent,. We guarantee seals of high resistance and durability at low costs.

Delivery time

We have our own logistic system that allows shorter delivery times. This scheme ensures a high standard of quality throughout the entire process of supplying FFKM sealings.


Counting on experienced professionals in the sector, who frequently undergo updates and training, we offer the best product development, elaborating parts according to your needs, either in customization of the polymeric formula or creation of parts with special dimensions.


Our perfluorelastomer seals (FFKM) reduce equipment downtime as well as maintenance costs.

Serall® Monitoring app

We have a traceability system for all our products, whether they are supplied individually or in kits. With this system, it is possible to identify through data, information that covers the manufacturing process and the raw material batch, up to the installation, obtaining a total control of each of the life cycles of the rubber seals. Serall®

App Serall®


We have been recognized in several national awards. This is mainly because we are pioneers in manufacturing FFKM rubber seals in Brazil. This is why, our product has taken a leading position and has gained recognition in the market.


With each new client, we reiterate our commitment, by building and maintaining partnerships with a spirit of service, fostering creativity and innovation, and contributing to the evolution and strengthening of their business.


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