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Meet Serall


We manufacture and offer solutions in high resistance rubber sealings.

How it all started

Since 2009, our rubber seals have stood out for their strong commitment to high performance, generating sustainable value for all stakeholders involved in the process. The respect for the people and the environment are directives that guide the company and translate into the reliability of the industrial market towards Serall®.


Who are we?

The brand Serall® is the result of a modern business vision, which seeks a new awareness in the seal market, incorporated in the maintenance processes. The guidelines we follow to serve our customers and their industrial operations are governed by the 4Rs:

  1. Re-think;
  2. Reduce;
  3. Reuse;
  4. Recycle.

Since our foundation, we have believed in the potential of relationships and the power of using products of excellence that make factories more productive, contributing to the environment. We have installed thousands of seals in several equipment all over Brazil and the world.


Commitment to quality

At Serall®, our commitment to quality is taken very seriously, both internally and externally. Our "Quality Culture", is an internal practice of Serall®, which ensures that all our collaborators contribute to the manufacturing process while keeping the consumer in mind. In other words, their task is to deliver the best possible product to the market.

The "Quality Beacon" is another methodology from Serall® that guarantees the quality in the production and formulation of its materials.

All this measures generate recognition. For this reason, the company proudly holds the CRCC which stands for "Certificate of Registration and Registry Classification" - a document issued by Petrobras to its of goods and/or services suppliers.

Serall®'s Philosophy

To provide rubber sealing solutions world-wide that offer benefits to the environment and contribute to greater efficiency and effectiveness for our customers. To be globally recognized as the market leader for high quality rubber seals.
Turn the industrial sealing market sustainable, with a more attentive approach to the environment. Safety, innovation and reliability.